Branching Outward

As of late, I have been accepting a more varied range of requests. This time last year, I was only truly comfortable with doing dog commissions – receiving a request to draw a cat had me quite on edge. Recently, however I had the opportunity to paint a horse; an animal known to be difficult to capture both in shape and also character.

Not only did I have the opportunity to expand my range of 'drawable' animals, but I was also given the chance to create these Paw-Traits with new, more intricate materials – both coloured pencils and acrylic paint. The latter of these materials were used in a personal experiment for my own benefit (it had recently occurred to me that I was going to art college in September with hardly any experience with painting in anything other than watercolours).

I now feel more than happy to create commissions in both of these two materials.

The New Paw-Traits Website Goes Live

I am pleased to announce that grand opening of Paw-Traits' website! We are now completely up and running and I am willing to take requests for portraits in any form - which includes bringing your dog down to the studio for some photos done.

If you have receieved one of my business cards - welcome to the website, and, if you need to contact me, you can do so here. 

Paw-Traits is open for business, and we'll look forward to hearing for you!

My Favorite Dog

Things didn't start well for Jinx. She found herself in a 'kill pound' in Ireland when she was just a puppy really. Unless she could find a home she was to be destroyed, but lucky for her she was rescued and eventually found a home with us. Jinx is my dog! 

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