My Story


Hi, I'm Zoe, and I have started my first year at Carmarthen School Of Arts. During my secondary education, I had chosen a broad and wide range of options - unsure of what the future would really hold for me - but I have decided that art is the best option. I loved the GCSE General Arts course, but I did feel somewhat restricted, which was somethign that I'd hoped not to feel at all.

Drawing, from a young age, has been something I have always enjoyed and, since I had attended a secondary school that heavily enforced academic studies, had always been something that I've tried to suppress. I have, however, decided that it is important to stay true to yourself, no matter what.

Of course, most of all, I am incredibly lucky to have free reign of a full-sized photographic studio and hope to use this to extend my horizon of opportunities as I grow and flourish and begin to make a living as I progress.

My Dog


My Rescue Dog

Jinx is the first big dod that I have ever owned and, subsequently, gave her the nickname 'Big Dog', how imaginative, and is the most loving and caring dog I have ever been in contact with. Common misconception has given larger dogs, like german shepards and pit bull terriers, the bad reputation of being violent, savage and ruthless - a misconception which may be true for some dogs but especially not Jinx. She is a rescue dog that was apparently rescued for the first time from a kill pound in Ireland. My family and I assume that she had run away and gotten lost concidering the fact that she is so young - but never-the-less, she is a great addition to the family (and a big one at that).

My Guitars


What is life without music?

As well as large, loving dogs, music has been a huge influence in my life, that includes how I draw. I have three guitars at present - an acoustic, an electric and an eletric bass - and, as soon as my exams are finished, I hope to get significantly beter. I am always looking out for new bands to listen to and to draw inspiration from.

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